Cinthol : Deo Branding

Cinthol is brand with a 60 year legacy as a flagship personal care brand in India. Since, inception it has celebrated the spirit of feeling alive. Built on the high-energy proposition of ‘alive is awesome’, this brand inspires to step out of the stale and embrace the fresh, the new. Project: The brand had always been known as a Indian men’s personal care brand offering soaps and later expanding to shower gels, deos and talcs in bold frangrances. The R&D teams developed fresher, feminine frangrances specifically aimed to be marketed to women. With this new deo, Cinthol wanted to break into the women’s deo market in teh summer of 2015. Design Requirements: The iconic shape of the Cinthol can would be retained. Therefore it was upto the graphics to make cans feel feminine, fresh and at same time connect to the existing Cinthol brand that Indian consumers have always associated Cinthol with.

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