Empty : A short film on a Bolex camera

Story of a man who comes to a big city, unaware of the life it brings upon him. Going from giddy to depressed, he stumbles upon the only solution he can think of for himself. We wanted to develop a storyline that was reflective of french new wave era and could take advantage of the portable equipment and requiring little or no set up time, almost like a documentary type style. After studying many films of the era we tried to stick to a combination of objective realism, subjective realism, and authorial commentary created a narrative ambiguity in the sense that questions that arise in a film are not answered in the end. It is a silent film, enjoy. We spent alot of time and effort as a group to make this awesome and it turned out great. Taken with Bolex Camera Edited in Final Cut Pro and Avid.

FilmMotion GraphicsVisual Effects
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